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omg omg omg.

To everything.

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Honestly, f**k this Mr Chrystnne Wood character.

I hated him from that first story where he sued the other gym and won!

Did you know that he was offered his OWN PRIVATE VIP Changing room - but he refused.

He wanted access to the women's.

No doubt, women fled that gym, so he had to migrate to another unsuspecting location.

He should be utterly ashamed of comparing men colonising womanhood to Racial Segregation and 'Lynching'; he is clearly mentally unwell.

Anyone who supports him - systemically or personally - is also LYING and GASLIGHTING.

Good on Amy Sousa for streaming that rally and for the community support that brave young girl is getting. 💜

OMG! 😡😡😡


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thank you for putting this together. it's depressing though. i so wish it wasn't happening. it's the stuff nightmares are made of.

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The threats by so called "trans-activists" of assault, rape and murder of any woman who refuses to join them and bow to their delusions I think is beginning to prove very counter-productive. Six months ago I was relatively blissfully unaware of the madness that has replaced the long standing legal protections for women and girls single-sex safe spaces. Due to having my interest piqued and then looking into what sort of "hate" J.K. Rowling must have been spouting to get the death threats she received - I was amazed to learn that Ms. Rowling and I simply shared the same position on the need to protect single-sex spaces for women and girls. As a 70 year old retired male social worker this is simply common sense to me. This initial opening led to me read in sort order - "The Abolition of Sex," "Material Girls," "Trans" and now "The New Puritans." This reading, along with reading the blog posts of numerous feminists, Lesbian and straight, as well as Gay activists - all concerned with the assault on their rights and personal choices posed by the new expansion of the legal notion that - "trans-rights" are somehow "more important" than the rights of any other group in society - have brought me into the fray - where I intend to say. I'm now actively educating friends and family about a topic on which of them are as clueless and uniformed as I was a brief six months ago. I can thank the over the top violent, mysogynistic threats and rhetoric directed against women by those "brave trans activists" for opening my eyes to what I now consider the most clear and present danger to the rights of women and girls in my lifetime. Quite clearly those frequent allegations that supporting the rights of women and girls is somehow "hateful" - is mere psychological "projection" and gaslighting given all the vile misogynistic hate speech I encounter daily from so called "trans-actisits" directed at women. I'm still looking for that fellow "TERF" who really wants to "erase Trans people." So far no sign such a person exists. I am new to this newsletter and I will share it widely with others who are also finally taking an interest in these matters. Thank you.

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Hi, here to help if you would like the personal touch.Ryan

Hi, I just read online (Twitter and Reduxx) that a designer, Glenn Mullen, in your employ has been threatening the mass murder of three women: an MP, a human rights activist and a famous author. Is this true? If so, very disturbing and we would certainly not want to use your services. What's the story? Eliza Me

We appreciate the concern regarding the recent news involving one of our employees.Travel Seen are yet to comment on the matter at hand and, as such, we are not at liberty to discuss the matter here.Thanks for contacting us today. Have a great day and goodbye for now.Ryan

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Brilliant as always hope you settle well in your new home…..💪🏼💜🤍💚from U.K. WDI

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