Thank you to all involved in compiling and sharing this information. Your work has helped open my eyes to the violence and madness being promoted and hidden under a banner of "inclusivity" and "tolerance." I think more and more people are waking up to the fact that radical trans-activism is simply a new "woke" form of misogyny - as evidenced by the endless threats of assault, rape and murder directed "against" human beings with a vagina - "by" human beings with a penis. I believe that's pretty much the textbook definition of "misogyny" in fact.

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It's good to see Brinton facing charges in multiple districts. The Minneapolis court will almost certainly find him "stunning and brave as charged". The Twin Cities have gone completely off the gender rails.

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I definitely have some suggestions.

I'm interested in this line of inquiry: in 1914, the first use of the "cis/trans" dichotomy had begun.

I believe it was devoid of its suffixes, at that time.

The man who used it was Ernst Burchard, who was a gay man and gay right's activist, who went on to write a book, or a paper, titled:

"Der Sexualle Infantilismus"

- this will not end well.

These were very well-connected people who founded an Humanitarian Association, and garnered the signatures of about 5000 prominent people to support gay rights - including Einstein, Hesse, and Rilke.

This is a rabbit-hole I want revealed. 🐰

I'm also interested in the exposure of the origins of much of 'sexology', as it's mostly founded by pedos/pedo-simps.

Namely, Kinsey, and the Children of Table 34.

How did he get the data for orgasms of infants???

There is a rickety ol' documentary online somewhere called "The Children of Table 34", I think.

(Possibly this: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=JtElwdfCUTc)

Thanks, Ladies!

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