Thank you to all involved in compiling and sharing this information. Your work has helped open my eyes to the violence and madness being promoted and hidden under a banner of "inclusivity" and "tolerance." I think more and more people are waking up to the fact that radical trans-activism is simply a new "woke" form of misogyny - as evidenced by the endless threats of assault, rape and murder directed "against" human beings with a vagina - "by" human beings with a penis. I believe that's pretty much the textbook definition of "misogyny" in fact.

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I definitely have some suggestions.

I'm interested in this line of inquiry: in 1914, the first use of the "cis/trans" dichotomy had begun.

I believe it was devoid of its suffixes, at that time.

The man who used it was Ernst Burchard, who was a gay man and gay right's activist, who went on to write a book, or a paper, titled:

"Der Sexualle Infantilismus"

- this will not end well.

These were very well-connected people who founded an Humanitarian Association, and garnered the signatures of about 5000 prominent people to support gay rights - including Einstein, Hesse, and Rilke.

This is a rabbit-hole I want revealed. 🐰

I'm also interested in the exposure of the origins of much of 'sexology', as it's mostly founded by pedos/pedo-simps.

Namely, Kinsey, and the Children of Table 34.

How did he get the data for orgasms of infants???

There is a rickety ol' documentary online somewhere called "The Children of Table 34", I think.

(Possibly this: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=JtElwdfCUTc)

Thanks, Ladies!

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