Abigail Shrier wrote IRREVERSIBLE DAMAGE, about some of the things that happen in the trans world. It is very well researched. Even though the facts related are hard reading, we all have a

need-to-know. And we have a need to pass on our knowledge. Maybe we can save a life, please God.

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It's time to bring back the death penalty for these outrageous crimes against women and children.

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Jul 9, 2023Liked by REDUXX

At YT channel, Trans Widow Ute Heggen, I am collecting data on trans widows who left suddenly crossdressing husbands. My wordpress blog, uteheggengrasswidow.wordpress.com, (contact form to email me) has the survey, 20 Questions to Ask a Trans Widow. I am aware that the data I collect will be disputed, challenged and dismissed. James Cantor already told me that I'm doing "market research." No one is collecting our information in a statistical manner. We don't have any idea, for example, how many women were assaulted sexually or physically by husbands after they announced or were discovered in the "transitioning" plans. So far, too many.


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